Press and Awards

The Hollywood Reporter
"One of the kids, Justin S. Myrick's Arthur, has a smartass spark that animates scenes and balances the bleak situation at home".
Newsweek Magazine
"Langston gets better counsel from Arthur, the neighborhood's motor-mouth preteen (Justin Myrick). "Langston, why you so hot for all the damn pills anyway?” he asks while preparing his anxious buddy for his expedition into midtown. “The only way they’ll let a knucklehead like you in there is if you’re bringing them lunch.”
The Root
"The supporting cast includes Amari Cheatom (Django Unchained), who plays his street-hustler brother, Julian; and young, up-and-coming actor Justin Myrick, who plays Art, a wisecracking sidekick who is much younger but wiser than Langston".
The Huffington Post
"Watch for me, The Justin Myrick, in the independent movie SexEd with Haley Joel Osment," he says, grinning at the camera.  "And a new comedy coming out on Fox - can't tell you what it's called yet, but it's starring a couple of stand-ups you all know, plus me, The Justin Myrick, as the little brother. You can't miss me".